PT. JALA BERIKAT NUSANTARA PERKASA (JBNP), established since 2014, is a national private company engaged in the military and police tactical vehicle industry, as well as non-military special-purpose vehicles such as those used in disaster response, under the commercial brand J-FORCES.

We have the ability to produce various types of Special Vehicles (Ransus) in the form of Lightweight Tactical Vehicles (Rantis) of various types and types, Mass Control Vehicles, Field Kitchen Vehicles (Randurlap), Escort Vehicles and Light Amphibious Tracked Vehicles to support the needs of Military operations and Police in the field of defense and security.

Every product we manufacture has undergone a series of rigorous tests to ensure that our products meet the highest standards in the defense and security industry. We are dedicated to providing reliable and superior products for every mission.


Light Tactical Armored Vehicle

Special Purpose Vehicle

Remote Controlled Weapon System


Pengintaian & Penyergapan

Reconnaissance & Ambush

Equipped with electronic equipment, communication devices and special equipment systems for reconnaissance and ambush missions.


Used in patrol missions in urban areas and rural areas and in defense lines.

Search And Rescue Mission

Able to advance in difficult terrain to support Search And Rescue (SAR) missions in emergencies and calamities and disasters.

Easy Maintenance
yang mudah

Using the type of machine with components that are easily available to customers and after-sales service for 1 year.

Optimal Payload Capacity

Designed to maximize payload for personnel and equipment/ goods.

All-terrain Operation

Designed to operate on all types of terrain.

Selection of Quality Materials

The materials is adjusted to the concept design and user needs, also already standardized to international standards NIJ 0108.01 Level III.

Extended Range Capability

Our products have been tested with a mileage of more than 500 KM (Endurance Testing).

Durable &

Obtaining certificates from the Ministry of Defense, TNI, and POLRI after involves undergoing a comprehensive functional vehicle test and ballistic testing of the materials employed.