Company Profile

Company Profile

PT. JALA BERIKAT NUSANTARA PERKASA (JBNP) has been operating since 2014, is a national private company engaged in the military and police tactical vehicle industry, special non-military vehicles such as for disaster management with the commercial brand “J – FORCES“.

  • Supported by a team of human resources who have competencies in engineering and manufacturing for an average of more than 20 years.
  • Based on the concept of “Integration Engineering”, to design and produce products with high quality and benefits.

“The Product we made are customized to your operating needs,
The advantage of our products is your satisfaction”

JBNP has demonstrated superior product engineering and manufacturing competencies, among others:

  • Special Vehicles for Military and Police: Light Tactical Vehicle (Rantis), Mass Control Vehicle, Field Kitchen Vehicle (Randurlap), Escort Vehicle and Light Amphibious Tracked Vehicle
  • Supporting equipment: Towing Hitch, Mounting weapons, trailers and other similar equipment
  • Tools of instruction: Education and training for Military, Police and educational institutions