Our ILSV™ VVIP vehicle is the ultimate solution for ensuring the security and protection of its passengers against weapon threats and attacks. Designed with bullet-resistant glass and body materials that meet the high NIJ Level III standards, this vehicle is the top choice for transporting 2 VVIP individuals, including political figures, government officials, and presidential vehicles. With unparalleled safety quality, our ILSV™ VVIP vehicle delivers not only effective but also highly reliable protection.



Turbo Intercooler with a 2.5 L engine capacity, producing 149 Hp of power.


Manual, 5-speed

Tire Protection

Run-flat tires


12.000 lbs winch capacity


NIJ Ballistic Standard Protection Level III (with bulletproof glass)

Technical Specifications

Overall length

: 5630 mm


: 1920 mm

Overall height + weapon shield

: 2155 mm

Ground clearance

: 255 mm


: 60%

Side Slope

: 30%

Fording depth

: 700 mm

Vertical step

: 300 mm

Approach angle

: 31°

Departure angle

: 39°

Engine capacity

: 4500 cc

Maximum power

: 151 Kw/ 3400 Rpm

Maximum torque

: 430 Nm/ 1200-3500 Rpm

Passenger capacity

: 2 personel + 2 VVIP

*Technical specifications may vary depending on the vehicle specifications and equipment. PT. Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa reserves the right to modify the specifications and equipment of the vehicle as needed. Detailed specifications and equipment may change according to local requirements and conditions.

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