For customer satisfaction, we also provide services, including technical support to maximize the product lifespan and technical training to enhance the skills of our product users

Technical Training
Our flagship products are equipped with the latest vehicle features and weapon technologies. We are committed to ensuring the competence and knowledge of our customers regarding the features of our products. Therefore, we provide training programs led by experienced instructors, covering both theoretical and practical aspects to ensure comprehensive understanding.

Product introduction training at PT. Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa includes:

• Emergency vehicle handling and basic mechanical training.
• Training on the use of available product features.
• Training on the use of vehicle weapon systems.
• Technical knowledge of special-purpose vehicles.

We are committed to providing in-depth knowledge to customers about our products through this training program.

Technical Support
PT. Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa proudly offers customer service throughout Indonesia, aiming to ensure the sustainable lifespan of our flagship products for customer satisfaction.

For technical assistance related to product repairs and diagnostics, we are ready to assist you. Contact our Vehicle Technical Assistance Service number below:

– Whatsapp: +62812 23456581
– Email: