RCWS guardian 1.5 j-forces

GUARDIAN 1.5 is a two-axis gyro-stabilized remote weapons station that can be operated day or night in adverse weather conditions. This system can be installed on various types of platforms and vehicles. This system can be integrated with various weapon calibers: 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.70mm, and 40mm MKII, grenade launchers, and smoke launchers.

GUARDIAN 1.5 includes an electro-optical system with independent Pan & Tilt subsystem, integrating a thermal camera, day vision camera and laser range finder. A laser pointer may also be included. The advanced surveillance and observation system capability consists of a group of electro-optical sensors, which will provide the user with the ability to obtain images in the visible wave band LWIR 8-12 nm, as well as to measure the distance to the target.

This subsystem is responsible for assisting the shooter in acquiring, identifying and shooting targets, both during the day and at night or in adverse environmental conditions (dust, fog, etc.). EOSS also includes a Laser Rangefinder (LRF) class that I use to perform ballistic calculations.

GUARDIAN 1.5 can be operated in Observation Mode, allowing the Operator to perform target identification, surveillance and acquisition missions, operate systems to move the WS and control the EOSS, while keeping the weapon functional.